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think of president obama's first year in office. >> virginia and new jersey could turn red today. both states voted obama last year. today there democrat for governor are struggling. >> are you fired up? jon corzine is trying to hold onto his seat. he is neck and neck with the republican chris cristi. >> are you already? >> in virginia bob mcdonnell came from behind to get a double-digit lead. deeds is walking a tightrope trying to win obama supporters but distance himself. >> i am i on gumy own guy. >> anti-tax, anti the government's message is a winning message for republicans in the obama era. >> in upstate new york, a democrat got a break when a republican dropped out and endorsed a democrat against a conservative candidate. also, there's a controversial question on many ballots today, whether to roll back the same- sex marriage law. make no mistake, washington is watching these races very closely. in fact, the white house attributes voter frustration this year to the fact that tens of thousands of people still cannot find a job. traci potts reporting from capitol hill. >> the afgh
action ribbons. details surrounding the death have not been released. >>> president obama honored all of america's service men and women today with a wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. it is one veterans day event on the president's schedule today. he and this is obama are scheduled to so the veterans of the white house to -- he and mrs. obama are schedule to honor the veterans at the white house today. >> there were solemn ceremonies today in afghanistan, and both the u.s. and military -- u.s. and british military bases there, moments of silence remembering all fallen soldiers. in london, queen elizabeth and her husband prince philip attended a ceremony at westminster abbey. this is the first year there are no longer any living veterans of world war i in britain. it also comes at a time that this country is mourning the loss of several soldiers killed in afghanistan over the last few weeks, and at the time when public support over britain's continued role there has stopped shortly. >> my father was in the second world war and my son is in the army now. it has great si
will also be there. >> president obama will be a part of the traditional military memorial here as thousands gathered to honor those killed and injured in the attacks last week. >> president obama leaves the white house for a trip like no other in his young presidency, traveling to texas on a mission of mercy and healing. family members of the fallen struggle to cope with their loss. >> she lost her brother in the attack. >> the only piece i do not have are about his last moments. i wonder -- was he scared? was he in pain? i know my brother. he was a scared of anything. he was not scared of going to war. with the soldiers around him at the end, thin-would be the way he wanted to go. >> more than two dozen were injured during the rampage. 13 were killed. as the healing process begins, the investigation continues. intelligence officials say the suspected gunman nidal hasan has traded more than two dozen e- mail's with al-awlaki. he is an al-qaeda supporter. investigators say the army was aware of the correspondence and that nidal hasan's e-mails were consistent with the research he was doing f
bill. and president obama's sits down with the president of china. what the leaders hope to accomplish. >> the last conversation we had, we planned to grow fishing. >> from a fallen marine to his family, the gift he left is now helping >> president obama continued his trip to asia with a stop to beijing. aides said that he privately placed concerns with leaders. and he had a tightly controlled town hall meeting in shanghai. >> we don't seek to impose any system of government on any other nation. but we also don't believe that the principles we stand for our unique to our nation. >> the u.s. and china are backing to the local warming and working to engage north korea over its nuclear program. the president also visited tokyo and singapore. he is expected to wrap up his asian trip in south korea. >>> the flu vaccine just got easier to find three people for tell you which health department got their hands on a fresh supply. >> we are tracking some showers on hd doppler. i will break it down for you as far as how it will i >> in the consumer other, general motors said it showed a financial
at auction. >> a top white house official says that president obama has reviewed plans for the strategy in the plan is to send up to 40,000 more troops. the decision is theexpected within days. >> if the number of troops coming in the search is between 32,000 and 35,000, that is similar to the surge in iraq in the summer 2007. military planners certainly hope the effect of this surge is as positive, according to many polls, as was the one in iraq. if as many as 10,000 troops are part of this surge, and if they go win as trainers this could have a very positive effect also. it could double the number of afghan national security forces over the next four years. >> a professional army and police force that can take full responsibly for the country's security is vital to this effort. >> if this all happens, then that so-called tipping point or turning point could be seen where momentum shift from the taliban to u.s. and coalition forces. that is a huge if. jim reporting from kabul. >> what does it take to be best in show? we're back with the national dog show. we are also here to answer you
's lieutenant governor and attorney general seats. g.o.p. candidates one despite a push from president obama in both states to rally democrats. >> i think that yesterday we had two candidates who set some milestones for us, achieved some milestones in terms of the turnaround and hopefully point the way to 2010 and beyond. >> according to exit polls the majority of voters in both virginia an new jersey said that the president's performance was not a factor in their vote. >> i think you need to read these as local race was local concerns. >> republicans did see defeat in one congressional race in upstate new york for the first time since 1872 the republican rich district voted in a democrat bill owens after a split weaken moder -- between m republicans and conservatives. democrats say the results are not a referendum on the president but both parties agree this indicates the political climate that may or may not hold true next year in the mid term election. >> new york mayor michael bloomberg narrowly won a third term despite spending nearly $100 million. you may remember last year new york o
the decision to hold the trial on american soil is a key step in obama's plan to close guantanamo. the president says he's convinced mohammed asha will receive justice. the attorney for the accused for good shooter said doctors told him he could be paralyzed. major hasan code is attorney hahe ahshas no feeling in his ls -- told his attorney that. the attack left 29 people wounded and 13 dead. the michigan police officer suspended this afternoon. what did to an already detained suspects that led him in hot water. doctors take care of us. doctors take care of us. at walgreens, we're changing the way... people think about their health... by offering the expertise and advice necessary... for everyone to make informed decisions. because sometimes all you need to start living well... is an invitation. join us this month for your... free diabetes testing. to find a testing location near you, go to or call 1-877-w-and-you. walgreens. there's a way to find answers. >> firefighters near seattle had their hands full with a warehouse fire. the three alarm fire broke
, partly cloudy. 37 to 44. details on the change coming up. >> president obama is in the midst of an asian tour. he spent the last two days in beijing, where he and the chinese leader reportedly each made concessions. choctaw is in beijing preparing -- chuck todd is in beijing. >> the meeting led to a few concessions from both sides when it came to the issue of climate change. the u.s. and china agreed to pursue goals of clean coal technology and increased research and try to increase production of electric cars and other things on the clean energy climate change from. >> a joint clean energy research center and an agreement on renewable energy, klinger use of coal, electric vehicles, and shale gas. >> the word used -- there was unity on the economy when it comes to trade. but there was a split on human rights. the president brought up to that and the dalai lama prepared -- tibet and the dalai lama. hu jintao of east acknowledged the frit -- who jintao acknowledged the phrase human rights. the president will play tourist yamar, karen timmons where before he leaves for south korea -- trinke
dreaded dad jeans. tonight at 5:00, more criticism of the decision by the obama administration to put 9/11 terror suspects on trial in new york. and you can call thit palinpalooza. and now the maryland water in numbers. >> i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock. let's play the pick 3 numbers. pick up a cinema cash scratch- off today for a chance to win $30,000 instantly, and the chance to win a trip to a movie premiere. details at /cinemacash. your pick four numbers for to the art -- for today are -- the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> sarah as a funnel to the weather. -- final look at the weather. >> gray day out there. some areas may be a little bit milder than 56 this afternoon. tomorrow, a high of 54 and a chance of the intermittent rain showers. we could see drizzle early on. friday, we start to clear and dry out. a nice start to the weekend. mostly sunny good sunday, a slight chance of showers again. >> thanks for joining us. if you missed any of the newscast or would like to see it again, we will have a repeat this afternoon at 1:00 on a wbal plus. >> watch ton
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9